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3 Reasons Why You Need A Self-Composting Portable Toilet For Your Job Site


In the construction industry, it's fair to say that you spend much of your daily routine on the job site. With all the time spent in the field, you've no doubt had to deal with using the porta-potty at some point.

While portable toilets have sometimes received a bad reputation for being smelly and dirty, they are a most convenient innovation for the construction site. Not only that, but by law construction sites are required to have portable toilets for workers' use.

Why not go green with this requirement? The next time your construction company needs a portable toilet rental, ask about a portable self-composting toilet.

A self-composting portable toilet turns waste into usable material. Not only does it work to contain waste that could otherwise leech into groundwater sources, it turns that waste that can safely be buried six inches or so under the ground. In some cases, it is used as part of more compost for ornamental gardens.

Even though solid waste-turned-compost requires a year or so to build into usable material, it is much more desirable over the pollution of precious water resources.

Self-composting toilets are just as portable as their average porta-potty cousins. They can be heavier because of the components of the tank as well as the housing of the portable toilet. However, even with the extra bit of weight, these portable restrooms are still quite easily transported and unloaded. They are only a little bigger than an average porta-potty, and comparable to the size of a small outhouse.

Once in place, the portable toilet is there to meet the demands of a busy construction site. Once used, the containment tank is hauled away and a new one is put in its place. The waste is then transported to a location where it can sit and properly turn into compost.

You can add sawdust to help aid the aerobic process of composting. Since anaerobic composting releases harmful chemicals and takes several years to complete, adding sawdust is the way to go. Sawdust helps keep moisture levels down within the solid waste tank so aerobic bacteria have a healthy environment to make compost material more quickly.

This aerobic process breaks down all the materials—any pathogens included—so that it's safe to put back into the ground. The sawdust helps this process by keeping the bacteria healthy, as well as eliminating much of the unpleasant odors associated with the common portable restroom.

So the next time you need a portable restroom rental for the job site, consider going green and take the time to ask about the eco-friendly self-composting option. Contact a company like AAA Pumping Service for more information.


7 July 2015