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Own A Garbage Disposal? Know How To Keep It Healthy


These days, a garbage disposal is almost essential to a great kitchen. Without having one, you would find it incredibly difficult to do something as simple as keep your drains clean. When your garbage disposal suddenly stops working, you may even stressed about it, and look for a way to fix it as quickly as possible. Prevent the disposal from breaking in the first by following these tips to keep it healthy.

Avoid Throwing Trash Down The Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal may have "garbage" in the name, but you should not be throwing things into it that should go into the trash. The sewer is only designed to handle tiny particles of food, and throwing other things down your drain can cause a nasty clog.

In addition, some things just don't mix well with a garbage disposal. This includes meat scraps, which can have stringy pieces that get stuck around the blades. Oil and fats can harden when they cool down, slowing the blade and not allowing it to chop up food as easily.

If you keep things that belong in the trash in the trash, you'll notice that you have a lot less problems with your garbage disposal.

Clean The Garbage Disposal Regularly

The garbage disposal is not a magical container where food waste goes and never comes back. The truth is that food can get stuck inside it. All those small particles of food waste will get trapped in the edges of the canister, and can cause an odor. In worst case scenarios, food waste could build up and prevent the blade from spinning.

You can clean the garbage disposal using commercial products you find at your local grocery store, or make a cleaning solution of your own. Try freezing some cubes in your freezer that contain lemon slices and vinegar. Just toss a couple into your garbage disposal each week, and it will remove food stuck on the blades, as well ad deodorize the entire unit.

Avoid Running A Jammed Disposal

A garbage disposal that's jammed isn't going to fix itself by running. In fact, the motor could overheat from trying to work hard to spin that blade. Always have the garbage disposal repaired at the first sign of trouble, and it should help prolong the lifespan of the motor that powers the unit.

If you need help repairing a garbage disposal, reach out to a local plumber, such as Plumber Boy, that can do it for you.


23 November 2016