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Get Help From Your Plumber For These Washing Machine-Related Issues


When it comes to hiring a plumber, you often associate this professional with fixing clogged toilets, slow-draining sinks, and drippy faucets. While your local plumber can certainly handle these jobs for you, he or she is also adept at providing solutions to a variety of problems related to your washing machine. If you encounter any concerning issue with this appliance, it's best to cease using it until a plumber can arrive on the scene; after all, you don't want the volume of water held inside the washing machine to end up leaking. Here are some washing machine-related problems that your plumbing professional can fix.

Draining Problems

At the end of the washing and rinsing cycles, your washing machine should drain its water quickly so that the next cycle can begin. Occasionally, you may find that the water isn't draining quickly enough — or even worse, it's filling up in the drain pipe and overflowing, causing a puddle on your floor. Your local plumber will be able to assess the reason for this issue and fix it. For example, there may be a partial blockage in the pipe that is restricting the flow of water, leading to it backing up.

Water Puddle Beneath The Machine

When you're cleaning your laundry room, you might notice stains from water below the washing machine when you pull it out to vacuum around it. Or, you might actually notice a puddle of water that is creeping across your laundry room floor. This problem isn't necessarily related to the washing machine itself, which is why you can get help from a plumber instead of an appliance repair service. In many cases, the rubber gaskets inside the water hoses will have disintegrated to the point that water can escape from the tops of the hoses. Your plumber will quickly identify the problem and fix it for you.

Shortage Of Hot Water

If you typically opt for using hot water to wash your clothing and find that the water is only lukewarm — especially if you do several loads consecutively — this is a job for your plumber. In this scenario, the issue is likely related to your home's hot water tank, rather than your washing machine. The plumber will check the tank's settings and see if it can be set to produce hotter water. In some cases, and old hot water tank may need to be replaced to give you more hot water and more hot water capacity.

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30 November 2016