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Clogged Toilet? Try These 3 Tips


Clogged plumbing is often a very frustrating experience because you cannot see what is going on deep within those pipes. Is it a small clog that just needs some help, or are you dealing with a problem that is much worse and needs professional assistance? Start by following these tips when dealing with your clogged toilet.

Try The Plunger

The easiest way to deal with your clogged toilet will be to use a plunger. Your goal is to force some water into the pipe, which will dislodge the clog that is in the way. When using a plunger, start by using gentle plunges at first. You want to get the trapped air out from the bell end of the plunger before you apply more force. If not, you could end up making a big mess when you push the air into the toilet bowl.

Once the air is out of the plunger, try using some force to push the water through the pipe. Do this several times, then stop for a moment to check if there is any movement in the water levels. If not, try it again. If you do not have luck after several attempts, a plunger may not be able to fix it.

Remember that you need water in your toilet for the plunger to work. If necessary, add some water to the toilet bowl so you have something to force down the pipe.

Try The Plumbing Snake

Another tool you should try is the plumbing snake. These are sold at many hardware stores, and range from fully automatic snakes to models that are hand crank operated. There are budget snakes that connect to a power drill to do the spinning.

In order to use your snake, put the screw end in your toilet's drain and push it inward until it no longer moves forward. This means the snake reached the part in the pipe where the clog is located. Rotate the snake clockwise to screw itself into the clog. Keep rotating the snake as you pull the cable out from the toilet. Hopefully, the clog came with it and the water is flowing again.

Try Calling Emergency Help

When these two techniques don't work, you'll need an emergency plumber to help you. Their equipment will be more powerful than what you most likely have, and may even use sewer cameras to see what is going on in your home's plumbing. 

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1 December 2016