Understanding Plumbing Problems

There aren't many household systems more confusing than plumbing, which is why I stopped trying to fix mine on my own. I realized that taking things apart was increasingly more difficult, so I stopped guessing and started looking for a trained expert who could come out and help. When I found the right professional, it was amazing to see how much easier things were. They went through, evaluated my plumbing system, and made changes that changed my home from the inside-out. Check out this blog to find out more about how to avoid plumbing problems and when to hire a professional of your own.

About Avoiding Excavation For A Main Sewer Line Problem


Did a plumber claim that he or she has to excavate your landscape to make inspections and repairs to the main sewer line? If he or she has not yet completed the task, you might want to get a second opinion from a different plumber. Make sure it is a plumber who has articulating borescope equipment to perform the inspection. Browse the list of services that a plumber is likely to provide in regards to the problems that your main sewer line has.

1. Try to Avoid Excavating Your Landscape

There are some plumbers with articulating borescope equipment on hand for performing sewer line inspections. The equipment can help a plumber avoid excavating a landscape only to find out that it was unnecessary. A landscape should only have to be excavated when the sewer line is in need of being patched up or replaced. An articulating borescope is basically a device that can be sent into the sewer line to record or take photographs of the inside. A plumber can then determine why the line is causing problems, as well as whether or not a repair can be made without excavation being done.

2. Free Up Trapped Debris

When trapped sewage is the cause of the main sewer line being problematic, a plumber can get rid of it without excavating the ground. He or she will simply force the sewage through the line by sending a large amount of pressure into it by way of a pump. In some cases, a commercial snake is all that is needed to get rid of the trapped sewage, which is done by the device strategically moving around to break up the sewage. It is possible that tree roots have taken over the sewer line, which can be removed by a plumber using jetting equipment.

3. Repair the Pipes in Your House

To make sure that your plumbing system is able to function to the fullest extent after the main sewer line is taken care of; interior pipes might need to be replaced. For example, if any of the pipes are rusty and deteriorating, it makes it easier for debris to get stuck in the system. If there is only a minimal amount of rust present, a plumber might be able to perform a little maintenance without having to replace the pipes altogether. Tell a plumber about your needs so he or she can resolve the problem without excavating the ground.


5 December 2016