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Know The Kinds Of Filters Used For Water Filtration In The Home


Does your home's water smell like chlorine or have a taste that is a bit off? Using home water filtration could be the answer to your problems. However, there are several filters out there, and some may meet your needs better than others. Here is what you need to know about the different filters available.

Carbon Granule

If you only need a basic water filter, you'll want a one that uses carbon granules. All water passes through this physical filter, and it removes all large particles in the water. There is also chemical filtration that removes some pesticides and chlorine. These filters are the type that are used on water pitchers and faucet mounted filters for kitchen sinks.

The maintenance you'll need to perform includes replacing your carbon filters after the recommended time period. They can also be used with other filtration methods to ensure clean water.


This system has all water flow into a porous ceramic sleeve, and the small holes are what filter out minerals and parasites. This physical filter is often used in conjunction with carbon filters that remove additional contaminants. Due to its ability to remove minerals, it can also soften water.

A ceramic filter can be installed on a water supply before it reaches a faucet or on the faucet itself. Maintenance involves scrubbing the physical filter as it becomes clogged, since it restricts the flow of water.

UV Light

An ultraviolet light filter will kill off parasites, viruses, and bacteria in water. It uses light tubes that water passes through, killing the microorganisms in the process. It's common to have this filtration system professionally installed to ensure it's working correctly.

An ultraviolet light filter can also be combined with other filtration methods. For maintenance, expect to replace tubes over time as they become ineffective.

Zinc and Copper

The combination of zinc and copper will form ions used to pull out minerals from water, like bacteria and parasites. The filter is capable of removing heavy minerals that help create hard water. It's common for carbon filters to be used in addition to it, which help remove even more contaminants.

For maintenance, you'll have to replace the granules in the filter periodically, which help maintain the proper balance needed to filter your water.

Need help getting any of these filtration systems? Contact a company like ANDERSEN PLUMBING for assistance with purchasing and installation of the system in your home.


17 February 2017