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How Many Portable Toilets Will You Need For Your Event?


You're having an event, inviting a ton of people, and need restroom accommodations that can handle all of them. Many factors go into figuring out how many portable toilets you might need. Too many, and you're overpaying. Too few, and you'll have people waiting in a line and not actually enjoying the event. Here's a few considerations for you and your event.

How Large is Your Event?

The most obvious consideration is the size of your event. The more people you will entertain, the more portable toilets you will need. A very general rule of thumb is to have one portable toilet for every 60 to 100 guests.

That figure is purposefully broad, and it only applies for an event lasting a single night. There's further considerations that will help you narrow down how many you may require.

Who Will Attend Your Event?

If you will have people who need special access, such as people in wheelchairs, you will have to accommodate their restroom needs. Men and women may need different toilet accommodations as well. You can provide more portable toilets for females, and fewer for men.

Add to that, children, and the elderly, who will require quicker access to toilets. It's a good idea to know your demographics pretty well before ordering your portable toilets.

How Long Will Your Event Last?

Since portable toilets have a finite number of uses, you may need more portable toilets per hour of your event. It's important to plan for additional portable toilets if your event will span more than a day.

Generally, the longer the event, the more toilets required. So even if the number of people doesn't change, the requirements for toilets will increase with every hour that goes by.

Will You Serve Food, Drinks, or Alcohol?

If there's food and drink, people will use the bathroom more. If the drinks include alcohol, then bathroom usage will climb exponentially. If you have 75 guests, then one portable toilet may suffice. If you serve alcohol to those guests, you may need to add an additional toilet or two to accommodate the increased bathroom usage.

How Large is the Event Area?

The more surface area you have for your event, the more toilets you may need. For example, if your event spans across a large park or a golf course, then people will need toilets that aren't too far away from them. In such cases, you may need to add portable toilets to areas where you suspect people will find themselves during the event.

Are There Permanent Bathrooms Available?

If your event location has permanent bathrooms, you can factor those into your calculations. With permanent toilets, you will have to make sure they can handle the extra strain that will come with more people using them during your event.

If you're unsure, you may want to have a plumber look. If the event occurs at a public facility, you can ask the staff there what kind of precautions you should take when it comes to the toilets.

Ask Your Portable Toilet Provider for Help

You can gather all this information and still find yourself without a good idea of how many portable toilets you might need. Just ask your portable toilet provider.

Give your provider all the information you gathered, and they will help you pick the right amount of portable toilets for your event. They will also help you set up a cleaning and replacement schedule if you have an event lasting for more than a few hours. For more information, contact a business such as Walters Portable Toilets.


27 February 2017