Understanding Plumbing Problems

There aren't many household systems more confusing than plumbing, which is why I stopped trying to fix mine on my own. I realized that taking things apart was increasingly more difficult, so I stopped guessing and started looking for a trained expert who could come out and help. When I found the right professional, it was amazing to see how much easier things were. They went through, evaluated my plumbing system, and made changes that changed my home from the inside-out. Check out this blog to find out more about how to avoid plumbing problems and when to hire a professional of your own.

Low Water Pressure In Your Home? Corroded Water Pipes May Be To Blame


Low water pressure is no laughing matter and is one that requires a specialized plumbing approach to manage. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your low pressure could be associated with corroded pipes. If this is the case, you may have to end up replacing all of your pipes and call a plumber to get a new system installed ASAP.

Your Pipes Are Getting Corroded

You've tried changing your pump, cleaned out your filter, and done everything you're supposed to do when your water pressure is low. Unfortunately, you may have no choice but to get your pipes inspected for serious corrosion. That's because corrosion is typically one of the biggest causes of poor water pressure and one of the hardest ones to spot.

That's because this corrosion happens slowly and only over a period of time. In fact, it may take several years before you or your family even realize that your pipes may be corroded. In that time, you may have been drinking water from corroded pipes while your system gradually experienced lower and lower water pressure. Symptoms of corroded pipes vary but include:

  • Wet baseboards near areas where you run water
  • Rust-colored water that has a funny taste
  • Discoloration on your pipes
  • Dimpling on the surface of visible pipes
  • Leaks popping up across your home
  • Increased water bills

Replacing All Your Pipes May Be The Only Option

If your pipes are corroded enough to cause decrease water pressure, there is a good chance your whole system is shot. This fact is particularly true if you notice rust or other debris coming from your pipes. Unfortunately, you're going to have to pay to replace all of your pipes, which can cost anywhere from $4,000-10,000 and require weeks of time.

However, it will ensure that your water pressure improves and that your family gets the access to water that it needs and deserves. Just as importantly, it can ensure that you aren't drinking water laced with lead, rust, or other health problems. The unfortunate citizens of Flint, Michigan are learning all too well how precious clear and clear water is to their health.

In fact, the lingering nature of that crisis in Flint showcases just how serious corroded pipes can be to a plumbing system. It has been nearly two years since it occurred and lead is still a danger in that town's water. You don't have to suffer from this problem: call a plumbing company like Cove Plumbing Inc instead. 


11 May 2018