Understanding Plumbing Problems

There aren't many household systems more confusing than plumbing, which is why I stopped trying to fix mine on my own. I realized that taking things apart was increasingly more difficult, so I stopped guessing and started looking for a trained expert who could come out and help. When I found the right professional, it was amazing to see how much easier things were. They went through, evaluated my plumbing system, and made changes that changed my home from the inside-out. Check out this blog to find out more about how to avoid plumbing problems and when to hire a professional of your own.

Water Heater Replacement 101: What You Need To Know


The water heater is probably one of the hardest-working appliances in the entire house, but it rarely gets enough attention because it works behind the scenes. If you have a water heater you think should be replaced, you are bound to have a few questions. 

Does it take a long time to replace a hot water heater?

Replacing a water heater can take a good day to complete even though it is not too terribly difficult of a task. The main reason the process takes so long is that the water heater will have to be drained first before it can be taken out of the house. Likewise, it will take a bit for the water heater to fill back up once you get the new one in. 

How do you know how old your hot water heater is?

There are a couple of ways you can usually find out the age of your water heater. First, check the metal tag on the side where the manufacturer's information can usually be found. This tag will often have a date on it or at least a year of production. If you do not see a metal tag or a label, a plumber can give you a good idea just by taking a quick look. 

How much will a plumber charge to install a water heater for you?

According to Fixr, a plumber or other licensed professional will usually charge you something around $270 to $520 for a replacement, in addition to the cost of the new water heater, since the task will take several hours and most plumbers do charge by the hour. Water heaters are not too difficult to install, but they can be large and awkward to maneuver and force you to mess with wiring and water hookups. Plus, the water heater can be in a tight location, so it is usually best to trust a professional. 

Is it more logical to repair a broken water heater or replace it?

This can depend on two factors. For one, if the water heater is already nearing the end of its lifespan, which tends to be about 8 to 12 years, a water heater replacement is generally the better option. Secondly, it will depend on the problem you're having. If the water heater is leaking because the tank is starting to corrode, then replacement is more logical. On the flip side, if the water heater is leaking because of a bad valve seal, it is better to repair it. 


5 August 2018