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Bought A New Water Heater? Why You Need A Plumber


Your older water heater finally wore out on you, so you bought another, more energy-efficient model to replace the aged and unreliable unit. You're confident you can replace your old water heater on your own; after all, you've watched many online tutorials on the job and you're fairly handy around the home with basic plumbing repairs.

However, installing your new water heater on your own is not a task you should do. Instead, call your plumber to do the work for you. Here are just a few reasons why you should call your plumber to install your new water heater.

You get rid of the old water heater easily

In order to install your new water heater, you have to first get rid of the old one. Your local garbage service may not be willing to haul off your water heater without an added fee. Plus, you may accidentally break plumbing hookups in the removal process.

When your plumber installs your new water heater for you, they'll include the removal of your old water heater as part of your fees. This way, you save yourself the cost and effort of taking out the older unit on your own.

You get older fixtures replaced in the process

Even if you've installed water heaters before, you may not realize that plumbing hookups and other fixtures are outdated in your system. If you overlook the repairs that are needed before you put in your new water heating unit, you can accidentally harm your new water heater in the process.

Your plumber will make sure all your plumbing to the water heating system is up to code and replace or repair any fixtures that are questionable. This way, your new water heater will be able to safely use as soon as it's installed.

You get a tutorial on how to best use your water heater

Your plumber won't just install your new water heater for you, they'll show you how to change the temperature settings and how to check for possible signs of wear so you can have the unit inspected as soon as a flaw is noticed. When you know as much as possible about your new water heater, you can do your part to make sure the unit runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. Your plumber will give you an estimate for water heater installation costs so you know what to expect as far as costs when they arrive at your home.

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26 September 2018