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Why A Tankless Hot Water Heater Is Convenient And Some Choices When You Have It Installed


If your family has outgrown your hot water heater, you may be thinking of upgrading to one with a larger tank. Before you do that, you may want to consider a tankless water heater instead. A tankless heater is especially useful for large families when several people shower after each other in the mornings. There's no worry about the hot water running out before the last person is finished. Here's why a tankless hot water heater is worth considering and your options for having one installed.

Why A Tankless Water Heater Is So Convenient

A tankless water heater has several benefits, but the most important one is that you can forget about running out of hot water when you shower. If several people in your family take showers in the morning before work and school, there will still be hot water left by the time it's your turn to use the shower. This is possible because the unit doesn't store hot water that can run out. When the tank of a traditional water heater runs out, the tank has to heat up before more water is ready. A tankless system heats water as you use it, so there is a steady supply.

Some Options With A Tankless Water Heater

You can't switch a tank out and replace it with a tankless model. They are completely different and need different vents, plumbing, and power sources. The upside is that you can place the heater where you want since it is a completely new installation. A tankless heater is smaller than a traditional water heater with a tank, and it mounts on the wall. You can place it indoors in a closet, in your basement, or the garage. You can even place a gas tankless heater outdoors to heat water for the inside or to heat your spa or pool.

Another option you have is how you'll power the tank. If you'll heat all the water in your house, you can choose an electric or gas model. A gas model is usually a good pick for whole-house heating. An electric tankless heater is a good choice when you just want to heat water in a kitchen or a single bathroom. In that case, you can buy a smaller heater and install it near the point of use. You may need a few electric tankless heaters for your entire house, or you may want to use a tankless heater along with your current heater and reserve the tankless model for the main bathroom. You may not care about hot water on demand in a kitchen or laundry room.

If you're thinking of having a tankless water heater installed, have a plumber check your home so you know about any upgrades that are needed to get your home ready for the new heater. 


19 November 2018