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Understanding A Few Sounds Made By Your Water Heater


Most people have water heaters, and these appliances rarely cause an issue. In fact, they will run without much thought for 8 to 12 years. However, the heaters will sometimes make noise as well, and this can cause some concern if you are used to a silent appliance. Keep reading to learn about some noises, why they occur, and what you should do about them.

Humming Sounds

If you walk past your water heater when it is heating water, then you may hear a humming sound. In some cases, this sound can be quite loud and it also may vibrate the appliance a bit. Typically, this sound is associated with the heating elements and the way they vibrate and move as they activate. The sound is also common when cold water passes by the warm elements. 

While a humming sound is common and may even vibrate the unit, you should try to ascertain whether or not the humming is actually a new sound or not. Sometimes the heating elements will loosen, and this can cause some vibration. And, you should work to tighten them if this is a possibility. 

You can tighten the elements on your own with a screwdriver or wrench depending on the types of elements installed in the device. Just make sure to turn off the power first and then gently lift the control panel cover to access the ends of the elements. 

Popping Sounds

While humming sounds may not be problematic, this is not the case when it comes to popping sounds. Popping noises are usually a sign of an issue that needs to be addressed. The most common reason for the popping is the buildup of sentiment along the inside tank. Water leaches under the layer of material and then begins to boil when the water heater turns on. This forces the sediment to break and fly freely in the tank. And, the sound you hear is when the pieces hit the side of the tank.

You will need to clean out the sediment if you hear popping. This does involve soaking the sediment with vinegar and you can add a gallon or two of the fluid directly to the tank. Access through the top where the anode sits or where one of the water intake valves are located. 

Allow the vinegar to sit for about one day, so try not to use hot water during this period of time. You will then need to use the drain on the bottom of the appliance so the water and the sediment can release. 

If you can't seem to diagnose the sound or remedy the issues on your own, contact a residential plumber for assistance.


12 December 2018