Understanding Plumbing Problems

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The Common Causes Of A Smelly Toilet


Everyone knows that toilets are not the best-smelling things in the world. After all, they are places where people urinate and defecate, and neither of these bodily functions smells good.

However, there is a big difference between a toilet that smells after recent use and a toilet that just smells all the time. If you are experiencing the latter, many things could potentially be to blame.

Infrequent Use

You might think that the more frequently you use a toilet, the worse it will smell. Surprisingly, however, the opposite can often be true.

If you have a toilet that doesn't get used that often, such as a toilet in a vacation home or a toilet near a guest room, the lack of regular use can actually contribute to a bad odor.

When toilets do not get used often, the P-trap, which is filled with water, can actually go through an evaporation process. And, once the water in the P-trap is gone, sewage gas can fill the empty space. As you can imagine, this gas does not smell good.

Fortunately, a few flushes should take care of the issue. And, to keep it from coming back, make it a regular habit to regularly flush toilets that don't get used all that frequently.

Bacterial Infiltration

Sometimes, the water within your toilet and its components can get plagued by bacteria. Depending on what the bacteria is, this could lead to your toilet emitting an unwanted odor, often in the form of a sulfuric smell.

If you notice a bad smell, especially if it smells like sulfur, have your toilet water tested by a professional.

Professional services can determine if bacteria are present in your water, where it is coming from and, from there, how to properly treat the water and/or your system to get rid of both the bacteria and the smell.


Often, when a toilet clogs, it will stop working or will not work properly.

However, if a clog is small enough, it may not affect the functioning of your toilet or may not affect it in a major way. What it can do, however, is cause your toilet to smell bad.

That is because mold, mildew, and bacteria can start to grow on the clogged material. The only way to get rid of the smell and to prevent a more serious future problem is to have the clog removed by a plumbing service.

There are many potential reasons for a toilet that does not smell good. However, if you know the common reasons for bad-smelling toilets, you can fight against them and keep your own bowl smelling fresh.


30 March 2019