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Don't Stop At The Surface: Why Drain Service Is An Essential Part Of Home Maintenance


Your drains see a lot daily activity, some of which you might not even realize. In addition to the toilet flushes, garbage disposal usage, and washing machine cycles, your drains are also exposed to additional activity throughout the day. Unfortunately, all that activity can wreak havoc on your drains, especially if you do not stay up-to-date on the maintenance. Before you postpone your drain service again, take a look at the reasons you need to schedule it right away. 

Identify Cracks and Damage 

If it has been a while since you have had a plumber take a look inside your drains, or you have never had that done, now is the perfect time to schedule your drain service. Your drains may be flowing fine right now, but that does not mean there is not some type of damage lurking deep inside. Soil settling, erosion, seasonal flooding, and even freezing temperatures, can cause serious damage to your drains. With annual drain service, your plumber will catch the cracks and other damages early enough to avoid additional problems.

Remove Hard Water Deposits

If you have hard water in your home, your drains may be in pretty bad shape, especially if they have not been cleaned in a few years. The same hard water deposits that discolor your toilets and build up on your faucets are also building up inside your drains. Over time, the deposits will close off your drains and eat away at the pipes. If left alone for too long, you could be forced to replace your drains. Luckily, annual drain service will remove those hard water deposits before they can cause any real damage.

Locate Pest Activity

If you have never thought about the creatures that could be lurking in your drains, you should. The same pests that cause problems above the ground can also be causing problems inside your drains. That includes pests such as squirrels, rats and mice. Unfortunately, this type of pest activity is not easy to locate, unless you are trained for this type of investigation. During your annual drain service, the plumber will look closely for any signs that could indicate that your drains have been invaded by pests.

Clear Out the Roots

If you do not have mature trees in your yard, you may think that you are in the clear for root damage. However, that is not actually the case. You may not have any trees in your yard to worry about, but your neighbors might. Unfortunately, roots can travel a considerable distance in search of water, which means your drains may have root intrusion from your neighbors trees. Not only that, but the root systems of mature shrubbery can also cause damage to your drains. If your neighbors have mature trees, or you have mature shrubbery in your yard, you will benefit from annual drain service.

Whether you are a long-time homeowner, or you recently purchased a new home, it is important to keep your drains in good repair. Contact your local professional drain servicers, like Michigan  Plumbing, to have your drains checked.


24 February 2020