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Things To Know When Purchasing A New Toilet For A Bidet


Bidets are becoming increasingly popular since they are gentler on the skin and result in less toilet paper usage, and thus, they result in fewer sewer line clogs. If you are replacing a toilet in your home, why not go with one that provides comfort and is ready for a bidet installation? The following can help you choose your new toilet.

Bowl Shape

Bowls generally come in two shapes-- round and oval. Round bowls are smaller, which is great for a small bathroom, but the smaller size can make it more crowded if you want to install a bidet seat. Oval bowls provide a roomier surface, which makes them better suited to a bidet. If you must go with the smaller shape for space purposes, make sure the bidet unit you choose will fit the toilet properly.

Rough-In Length

The rough-in length is the length the toilet takes up from the wall to the front of the bowl. This measurement includes the location of the waste hole that the toilet must be centered over. When shopping for a toilet, make sure that you first know your rough-in length so that the unit you choose will match the space. Otherwise, you will have to pay to have the plumbing moved, which is expensive and time-consuming.


The average height of a toilet is 15 inches from floor to seat, but you can get a tall or "comfort" height model that is 17-19 inches high. These units are typically much more comfortable to use. Any standard bidet seat will fit a standard or comfort height toilet. Another option for those desiring more height is to invest in a raised toilet seat, such as models made for those with age- or disability-related mobility issues. Just keep in mind that if you opt for a raised seat for added height, you may need to invest in a tall bidet that is designed to work with these models.

Bidet Unit

There are two main options with the bidet unit -- integrated or aftermarket. An integrated bidet is part of the toilet so you won't need to install it after the toilet is in. Both types work equally well, but you will have more toilet design options if you get a non-integrated toilet and add the bidet seat later. If you plan to further upgrade the toilet, such as with the raised toilet seat, an aftermarket tall bidet seat may be the only option. 

Contact a plumbing supplier today to learn more about the types of bidets and toilets available, such as tall bidet toilet seats.


31 July 2020