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4 Signs You Need Well Pump Repair


If you have a home with a water well and a well pump, the chances are that it may need repair at the most unexpected time. It is best to be prepared in any circumstance. Depending on the extent of damage, repair might cost an arm and a leg. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to keep tabs on the performance of your pump.

It is advisable to know the signs that your system is not working correctly. This will help nip problems in the bud before matters get worse, leading to more severe issues. If you come across the following signs, the chances are high that your well pump needs repair.

1. Problem With Water Pressure

A drastic decrease in water pressure or lack of water is a cause of concern. This is especially true if this problem runs throughout the entire home. There are various reasons this could be happening: the pump could have a low water level, there could be a leak in the piping, or the pressure switch could be faulty. At the least, these signs indicate that the well pump should be inspected.

2.  Dirty Water

If your water starts having an odd smell or tastes different, this is another sign that the pump needs repair or inspection. A problem with the pump might have allowed foreign substances to infiltrate the system and cause these water changes. Over time, if left unattended, these foreign substances might cause irreparable damage to the well pump.

3. Continuous Running

Another sign that the well pump requires repair is a pump that runs continuously. A pump's pressure switch was never designed to be always on. It goes on when the pressure falls and off when it is high. If the button is on continuously, this means there's a problem. This may cause the electric bill to be unnecessarily high, put undue pressure on the water system, or cause other unforeseen damage.

4. Odd Pump Noises

When a plumbing system has strange vibrating noises, this is a cause for alarm. In essence, the well pump system should be relatively silent. This should not be confused with the sound when the pressure switch goes on. Shaking or banging of the system could be caused by insufficient water intake or faulty bearings. Therefore, shaking could indicate that the pump needs repair.

These are just a few of the signs that you should look out for when it comes to a well pump requiring repair. In general, frequent inspection of the system as a whole is advised. This will assist in keeping the well pump functioning at peak performance. Should there be a problem, the professionals will notice it on time and deal with it appropriately.

For more information, reach out to a well repair service in your area.


24 February 2021