Water Heater Replacement 101: What You Need To Know


The water heater is probably one of the hardest-working appliances in the entire house, but it rarely gets enough attention because it works behind the scenes. If you have a water heater you think should be replaced, you are bound to have a few questions.  Does it take a long time to replace a hot water heater? Replacing a water heater can take a good day to complete even though it is not too terribly difficult of a task.

5 August 2018

4 DIY Plumbing Improvements That Will Help You Save Energy And Water


If you want to reduce the energy consumption of the mechanical systems in your home, consider different types of plumbing improvements. Some of these improvements may require professional help, while other improvements are great DIY projects for the weekend. Here are some DIY plumbing improvements that you can do to help your home save energy and water.  1. Installing Grey Water Recycling Solutions To Water Vegetable Gardens And Landscaping

18 July 2018

2 Ways For A Plumber To Find Where The Water Pressure Problem Is


If you notice that your water pressure is suddenly getting lower and lower, then there is probably a leak somewhere. If it's happening to a lot of people in the neighborhood, it could be the main waterlines have sprung a leak. However, if it's only you experiencing this, then you probably have a leak in your water system somewhere. The first thing that you are going to have to do is figure out where the leak is coming from.

25 June 2018

How A Plumber Can Really Help You


It's a good idea to learn about the different things you can do around your home to keep it in the best condition possible and to keep it running efficiently. Along with making sure you keep all of the manuals to every appliance in your home, cleaning all necessary filters regularly, adjusting any temperatures or pressures as needed and cleaning out your rain gutter regularly, you also want to make sure you are doing things like calling out service repair personnel to help prevent issues and to tend to them as soon as they are noticed.

4 June 2018

Low Water Pressure In Your Home? Corroded Water Pipes May Be To Blame


Low water pressure is no laughing matter and is one that requires a specialized plumbing approach to manage. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your low pressure could be associated with corroded pipes. If this is the case, you may have to end up replacing all of your pipes and call a plumber to get a new system installed ASAP. Your Pipes Are Getting Corroded You've tried changing your pump, cleaned out your filter, and done everything you're supposed to do when your water pressure is low.

11 May 2018

How To Fix A Leaky Pull-Out Faucet


If you have a leaky pull-out faucet, you don't always need to replace the whole faucet, but delaying repairs can increase water bills. Most pull-out faucet leaks are caused by clogged parts or damaged hoses. You should be able to fix the sink yourself by following these steps. Prepare to Fix the Pull-out Faucet To repair the leak, gather: plastic gloves toothpick white vinegar paper towels adjustable wrench flat-blade screwdriver slip-joint pliers electrical tape replacement hose  Look for the shut-off valves under the sink base, and shut the water off by rotating the valves to the right.

21 April 2018

How Many Portable Toilets Will You Need For Your Event?


You're having an event, inviting a ton of people, and need restroom accommodations that can handle all of them. Many factors go into figuring out how many portable toilets you might need. Too many, and you're overpaying. Too few, and you'll have people waiting in a line and not actually enjoying the event. Here's a few considerations for you and your event. How Large is Your Event? The most obvious consideration is the size of your event.

27 February 2017