A Guide To Trenchless Sewer Repair


If you have a burst pipe in your yard or on your property, then you probably want to deal with it as soon as possible. A burst pipe can rapidly leak a huge amount of water, damaging your home, your lawn, your garden, your driveway, and just about anything else that's in the way. However, before making any hasty decisions and calling the first sewer repair company that you find, you should consider trenchless sewer repair, a new technique that minimizes damage to your property.

31 August 2015

DIY Repair For A Leaky Shower


If you have a single-handle shower that constantly drips after using it, a simple DIY repair will get rid of that annoying water leak. You'll need a few simple tools and a couple of hours to complete this project. Here are the step-by-step instructions for this DIY plumbing repair. What You'll Need regular screwdriver Phillips screwdriver pliers rags for clean up From your local plumbing supply store: plumber's grease replacement cartridge Steps to Removing the Leaking Shower Cartridge

27 August 2015

Plan To Repair Your Own Water Heater? 2 Very Dangerous Reasons To Call A Plumber Instead


Sometimes, do-it-yourself water heater repairs can go terribly wrong if you use the wrong materials to fix them, or if you don't recognize specific safety hazards surrounding the appliance. You can actually place you and your home at risk for fire damage, as well as serious burns to the skin. Before you take on a DIY water heater repair project, here are two very dangerous reasons you should call a plumber instead.

30 July 2015

3 Reasons Why You Need A Self-Composting Portable Toilet For Your Job Site


In the construction industry, it's fair to say that you spend much of your daily routine on the job site. With all the time spent in the field, you've no doubt had to deal with using the porta-potty at some point. While portable toilets have sometimes received a bad reputation for being smelly and dirty, they are a most convenient innovation for the construction site. Not only that, but by law construction sites are required to have portable toilets for workers' use.

7 July 2015